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The social media system is a complete built up interface that will help you manage all the accounts in which your hotel is engaged. Create a powerful unified message through social media and earn a creative brand for your hotel thanks t0 Hclever-SMS module. Our system helps you connect also with your reader and talk to them directly by answering their messages in one interface. This process is the most convenient and optimized for the flow of information and workload. You don’t need to lose any time when you sharing special offers and doing practical marketing for the new generation.

Business travelers are well known to be very present in these media and you can’t afford to lose them.

The SMS module is connected to all the possible social media out there such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkdeln, Google+ and so on.

Our engine helps also the customers to share your pages for free and earn more visibility on the internet.

make it easy for yourself to manage everything about social media and act more professionally for your future clients.