Our Solutions



HCLEVER-FOS is there the to help you take better decisions and maximize your revenues.

The front office system has been designed and perfected by a dream team of experimented hotel managers, financial managers, accounts experts, office managers, housekeeper managers and technical managers, all of which have been in the hotel industry for at least 25 years. The Hclever-Fos is a collection of all their knowledge and field experience assembled by our leading team in IT and programming to ensure that you will truly benefit from the superior Hclever solutions.

By using Hclever-Fos you will be able to efficiently manage your front office and points of sales without losing any more time. Our application is truly interactive and very user-friendly. you can even manage the access for your employee.

The fast check-in of Hclever-PMS will help you organize your rooms based on the preferences of your clients and/or past preferences before they even arrived at your hotel. Thus, you will be able to accelerate the check-in process for a better welcoming.

Hclever-PMS helps you control also for overbooking and allotments by virtually flowing all the steps and modifying with ease all the reservations.

Increase your rentability with Hclever-FOS by connecting it to all the other modules of HClever and/or any program, interface that you own such as

phones, pay TV, access cards for rooms, fidelity programs

manage the access of your employees and their functionalities thanks to an ERP subdivided by users’ categories. Protect yourself from cheaters and dangerous situations with an ERP that can automatically detect frauds in the system. The reports generated by Hclever FOS expose in a very clear manner all the data that allows you to control departments in the hotel for any given period.

the Dashboard of Hclever-FOS reveals to you all the data that you need with graphics so that you can quickly understand the meaningful information concerning the management of your establishment in addition of producing intelligent reports.

Every day you will receive the gap between planned budgets and actual revenues thanks to our built-in system of decisions making. This system is supported by statistics produced specifically to help you get it right for your management.