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GDS module grant you access to travel agents still operating in countries of interest for your establishment seeking to make contracts with their clients. Thanks to Hclever-GDS you can identify new market segments and increase your worldwide presence. This unique interface helps you cut on very high marketing costs and complex socials to benefit from travel agents and their contracts by just helping you contact them directly and get access to these contracts in one interface that documents everything about your agents.

Our Hclever-GDS solution is connected to 600 000 reputed agencies all over the world and helps you update your prices and rooms availability in GDS channels like (Lanyon, Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Wordspan) in one click excluding any risk of overbooking or pricing issues.


Here are some of the benefits by contracting with a GDS in Hotel industry.


1: Your exposure considerably increases,

Thanks to Lanyon, Hclever-GDS will connect you automatically with 600 000 agencies in the world. This is a real-time connectivity that helps you be visible to anyone and find new market segment. Agencies can directly contact you and bring clients interested by your property. 


2: Manual processing belongs to the past

If you choose to subscribe to another GDS or multiple GDS you will have to do a tremendous work of manually documenting and writing all the reservations on your PMS system. This incredibly long and non-efficient process will expose you to issues like double reservations. Double reservations will automatically make you lose your clients, overbooking the hotel, losing more clients, losing time to correct this issue which is a fatal situation in this very competitive industry. 

Hclever-GDS will use Lanyon to be directly attached to your PMS or HClever-PMS to save you from this absurd process. your PMS or Hclever-PMS will have all the reservations registered and organized in one second for you to serve professionally your clients. The GDS system is here to let you focus on the practical management of your hotel and stay present for your clients.


3: Better decisions can be undertaking for your hotel

With the business analytics in the GDS system you will be able to follow all the data, trend and business growth of your hotel. Everything is easily accessible from the viewing tools of Lanyon and Hclever-GDS will use all the recent data to expose results and an analysis of the current situation in the hotel. Now, you can restructure your marketing strategies, revenue management strategies and distribution.


4: You can find more travelers, market niche everywhere one the planet.

Travelers and clients all over the world work multiple agent platforms to visit countries. the market value is very high for this sector and most of the hotels are strongly relying on these platforms to sustain their business.

Hclever-GDS is connected to all of these platforms in one click, granting you access to thousands of traveler’s agencies and internet companies looking for hotels. Your network will be complete in one second thanks to our technology and partnership with all these internet-based agencies.

Your marketing strategies and product placement will be real and fare more effective to generate revenue at world scale. You will definitely discover new market segments and be finally present worldwide with our system.