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Traveler’s registration process

Hclever-PEV is a system that allows travelers to register by themselves through a web responsive application who works on computers, mobiles, tablets… 48 hours before they arrive to the hotel.


Hclever-PEV is able to modernize every repetitive task, reallocate employee’s time in valuable tasks to be more competitive in this industry. You will be winning in reactivity and hold on important employees, by a new and fresh work environment centralized by technology.


Hclever-PEV is composed of 8 modules:

    1.Hclever-SPI (Intranet preferences system)

 It’s a responsive application that allows you to manage the preferences for your hotel in terms of room availability, general information about the hotel, promotions given to a client, preferences of any extra given (parking, spa, excursions…) in addition of information sheet on clients to increase your clients cardex and manage what is best for them.     


To see a demonstration please click on the link below.


    2. Hclever-SPE (Pre-registration system)

 A web responsive application that helps register 48 hours before any of your clients arrive to the hotel directly through the Hclever system. Your client can fill all the information he needs to for a check-in.  The clients can take back their keys at the reception of the hotel just after he or she entered their reservation number in less than 40 seconds.


To see a demonstration please click on the link below.


     3.Hclever-SER (Fast registration system)

 A web responsive application that can be installed at any display composed of touch computer with a scanner. The application allows the scan of passports or identity card for fast registration. You also need a printer and a card reader to quickly provide to your clients their keys for their rooms.  All this set up reduce considerably the time needed for a check-in as the client can do most of it before employees at the reception come to give the key. 

 To see a demonstration please click on the link below.


     4.Hclever-RPI (Internet price search system)

 A web responsive application for any room upgrades. The RPI system helps the clients compare prices for the upgrade room and the same room sold on different OTAs like Booking, Expedia…  apply instantly the reduction already configured in the system and obtained in your hotel. The purpose is to have a price that is less than those presented on the OTAs for you to gain your clients trust, influence them next time to buy directly on your website and maximize your profits.


     5.Hclever-SGR (Reputation management system)

 A web responsive application which allows the hotel to send a questionnaire to all its customers who lodge at the hotel during their stays to collect comments and be strongly reactive to your clients before they post anything on the internet. Thus, you avoid bad reviews from your customers and be able to make their stay memorable.


To see a demonstration please click on the link below


      6.Hclever-AEC (Client’s experience improvements)

 A web responsive application that allows you to collect all the reviews of your own employees to improve the experience at your establishment. These employees live every day to serve customers and their opinion matters. This process helps the management team to make participate all the employees at the overhaul improvement of the hotel. They can leave notes on anything important for the management team. You can create a bonus for the best opinion/suggestion and value the work of your employees.


     7.Hclever-GCC (Cardex clients management)

 It is a responsive WEB application that collects all the information necessary to improve the customer cardex and especially send emails with all the promotions


To see a demonstration please click on the link below.


     8.Hclever-PIA (Interface application programing)

 It’s a program that helps build all the API interfaces between the Hclever-PEV and the PMS used in every hotel. You can install crowns that imports online information from the PMS like reservations, room availability for a demanded period and exports this information again to the PMS like check in, rooms upgrade, extras and special demands from clients.