Our Solutions


Sell directly from your official website with Hclever-BES our booking engine system and receive directly your total or partial revenue from your reservations. Hclever-BES is a smart booking engine system that can be positioned in all known search channels engines like TripAdvisor, KelKoo, Trivago and so on. This method increases drastically your chances to get booked in real-time and adapts to the user interface of your clients like smartphones, tablets, pc, mac. Our engine can receive directly the payments from clients and simplify for them all complications related to reservations and all forms of payments. Most of the accredited type of payments such as credit, visa cards are integrated in the system with validations from financial institutions making it safe and secure to use our module. We have earned all the technical, cybersecurity certifications such as the PCI compliant certification so that we can work with banks and other financial institutions for you and clients to use Hclerver-BES and profit from its simplicity.

BES smart module will connect also to your favorite social media platform so that your social media page can reflect all the information concerning marketing and pricing. clients and their friends can per example visit your Facebook page and book you directly with a complete presentation of your offer. The benefits are clear as your clients have directly access to your offers from virtually anywhere on the internet.