Our Solutions


74% of internet users will read and pick up hotels based on the comments left by past clients. your reputation and grades on most of these websites is a game changer.

63% of these users choose their hotel uniquely on what they see in these websites.

Hclever-ROS is there to control for these comments and grades by automatically sending a personalized satisfactory questioner to your clients 3 days after their departure. the results will be sent back to you in an easier to access interface that is connected to websites like booking, Expedia and Tripadvisor 

This concept helps you first get information and insight with graphics and data summary for you to understand easily your clients, understand what has to be done to improve your hotel and finally control for what is to appear in grading website like TripAdvisor. 

You can contact your clients if there was any negative comment and grade before these two appears in any website and see how to resolve the issue by keeping a record of every information thanks to Hclever-ROS.

The information present on ROS module range from descriptions, price/quality, room standings, cleanness, services… by your clients in a completely personalized questioner that you can make any time with a very friendly interface.

Take control of reputation with a continuing improvement and client satisfactory to keep high grades and an excellent reputation.