Solutions for Retailers

Solutions for Retailers

The point of sale module of HClever-Pms has a simple and intuitive built-in interface that is very easy and quick to master.  Our module can transfer all the bills of any room or any client’s files from one to another. This process is important for accounting purposes and simplifies your workload concerning bills, allowing you to catch any mistake made, correct it and be sure to get paid. In addition, your operational history recorded for points of sales will be directly transferred in the database of the PMS, completely retraceable and managed at will.

The POS is composed of 3 points,

A facilitated internal communication,

Hclever-POS is completely able to digitize all forms of demands and send them directly through the internal system to every concerned department. In short, every instruction, purposes, commands, activities, work… can be found in the internal system and in each concerned department ready to be accomplished.  The manager of the establishment will have access to all the reports, results and statements at the end of the day. He or she will be able to efficiently control all the information at the establishment in addition of managing money and resources stock. Moreover, Hclever-POS has an integrated business intelligence module to help you analyze the information and make better decisions for your resources and money use based on the math for stability and profitability.

A partner in real-time management: cash desk, waiter/waitress, conference room…

Hclever-POS users’ managers have automatically access in real-time to the performance of the hotel and or establishment with summarized data. controlling and managing for your tables, waiters/waitresses, cash desks, billing information, table transfer, clients placement, reserved tables… become very easy where you can interfere at ease for more professionalism.  This tool is designed by experienced employees who shared their life-time work and understanding of service in order to allow you deliver to your clients an amazing and comfortable moment.

A partner in analysis:

Hclever-POS is also integrated with an analysis tool that provides for you recommendation based on your past and present performances/statistics. once again, this tool has been developed by a complete team of business administrators, programmers, computer engineers, restaurants, hotel professionals and accountants with a continual research and development department for the longevity of Hclever and its competitive technology.

Hclever-POS can be your dream partner for proficiency and client’s satisfaction. This solution is accredited to be one of the most complete and controllable apps in the market.